Suspect in Hollywood stabbing had history of mental illness, arrests

Kinnear allegedly grabbed a broomstick and starting hitting the guard on the head with it, saying, “I’m going to kill you.” He was arrested and later pleaded guilty to assault with great bodily injury. Kinnear got a year in jail for the felony assault plus three years probation. He received 49 days credit for time served and spent several months in jail before going on probation. Within weeks of being released, Kinnear violated his probation with various misdemeanor charges such as defecating in public and failing to appear in court and for probation meetings, records show.
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Hollywood has barely dipped toe into deep waters of Korean War


It ended in a stalemate and left Americans divided. There were no victory parades, no celebrations of the triumph of good over evil. Most Americans of that generation preferred to remember the earlier war.” Hollywood was more interested in the war that followed, Gillon says. “Vietnam has overshadowed Korea for a variety of reasons,” he says. “It was the first war fought largely by the Baby Boom generation a group who had no memories of either World War II or Korea. For many of that generation, Vietnam and the effort to avoid it was the defining experience of their lives.
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Hollywood Warns Gays: Careful What You Wish For (WATCH)


Smith, the silver screen is littered with bitter, vitriolic marriages scarred by regret, revenge and recrimination. The latest installment in this genre is the film Between Us , adapted from the hit Off-Broadway play by Joe Hortua. The film version, which I directed, stars Julia Stiles and Taye Diggs as newlyweds, and Melissa George and David Harbour as their old friends. Like those other movies in the grand Hollywood tradition of matrimony, Between Us arguably makes the case that heterosexual marriage ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. The movie follows young, idealistic New Yorkers (Stiles and Diggs) as they visit their wealthier and longer-married friends in a ritzy Midwestern mansion. But money barely disguises the contempt behind the wealthy couple’s marriage, and we quickly see it fractured to the point of disintegration.
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