Two Hollywood Producers Can’t Escape Foreign Bribery Penalty

Putting Hollywood’s biggest bombs back together

<img src='; width='360px' alt='“Hudson Hawk” (1991): Another film done in by a bloated budget, poor marketing and backroom gossip (star Bruce Willis, center, was the subject of several rumors). The film by “Heathers” director Michael Lehmann was one of the biggest bombs of the 1990s. But more recent takes say it makes a pretty decent screwball comedy.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

Supreme Court’s 2000 ruling in Apprendi v. New Jersey , which laid out some basis for putting sentencing in a jury’s hands. STORY: Rupert Murdoch Bribery Admission Caught on Tape (Report) Kozinski notes that “while the Supreme Court has yet to hold whether Apprendi applies to restitution, it has said in dictum that ‘[i]ntruding Apprendis rule into’ decisions to impose ‘statutorily prescribed fines and orders of restitution’ would ‘cut the rule loose from its moorings.’ Thats some indication the Court would not apply Apprendi to restitution… .” The judge also declined to accept the Greens’ “trigger argument” that while Apprendi might not apply to the amount of restitution, it should pertain to restitution in the first place. Nor the other way. Kozinski asks, “If Apprendi covers the determination whether there are any victims at all, shouldnt it also cover the determination whether theres one victim who suffered a $1,000 loss as opposed to 1,000 victims who suffered a combined $1,000,000 loss?” Finally, the judge also looks at Southern Union Co.
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Bombs Away: Hollywood Braces for Historic 4 Straight Weeks of Megaflops

“It better be good,” Crist said. “They’re waiting for you with the knives out.” The film never had a chance, the director recalls. “The picture had to be almost as good as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ in order for us to get good reviews,” he says. ‘Home video changed the landscape’ Video has helped restore some luster to movies once quickly and brutally dismissed. Early returns on “The Lone Ranger” aren’t good. What will audiences think in 10 years?
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Now,Guillermo del Toro’s $180 million giant robot extravaganza”Pacific Rim” istracking to open at around $30 million this weekend. Also read: Summer Box Office Up 13 Percent: How Hollywood’s Big Bet Is Paying Off Early projections have the Jeff Bridges-Ryan Reynolds tale “R.I.P.D.” opening below $15 million, a dismal return on a $130 million production budget. And the outlook isn’t much brighter for “Turbo,” the $135 million DreamWorks Animation family film about a snail with dreams of speed, which opens that same weekend. The summer’s surfeit of tentpole movies drove the box office to record levels in the season’s first two months, but the competition is clearly starting to take a toll. “Pacific Rim” will be trying to lure action fans this weekend, but will compete with four big-budget movies of the same genre: “The Lone Ranger,” “White House Down,” “Man of Steel” and “World War Z” — all of which are still in more than 2,000 theaters. There are a few bright spots ahead this month.
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