Kim Kardashian Helps Khloe Decide To End Her Marriage To Lamar Odom

However, for Khloe, it has been a harder decision to end her marriage. On yesterdays episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she revealed that she hadnt talked to him in one to two months. According to a new report published on March 10, Kim Kardashian sat down with Khloe and helped her decide whether it was right to file for divorce from Lamar Odom . On the episode, Kim revealed that she had never seen anyone more dedicated to make something work. Kim revealed that she was scared when she filed for divorce, adding, You will feel guilty for awhile, thinking, is there more I could have done? Khloe asked, How long do you feel guilty for? And Kim confessed that, I literally felt guilty for a year. Of course, Kim and Khloe are close Kim K video siblings, but one can imagine that Khloe had some feelings that she didnt want to share with anyone else. And Kim had been keeping a close eye on Khloe throughout her struggles. As much as I love Lamar, its just so hard to see your sister live in this relationship where you dont know when shes going to speak to him next, Kim told the cameras.
Source: Kim Kardashian helps Khloe decide to end her marriage to Lamar Odom

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